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Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a Beautiful Day!

It was such a beautiful day today! My DH was out raking the freshly mowed grass, and my terrific next door neighbor came over to visit with her wonderful dog Sadie. My littlest neighbor across the cul de sac also came over. She had just returned from her gymnastics class and was decked out in her pink outfit with her pink flashing lights hula hoop and Disney princess bike with pink training wheels.

So neighbor, littlest neighbor and I tried to teach Sadie the wonder dog how to jump through the flashing hula hoop. What fun we had. We were mostly successful when a treat was visible on the other side of the hoop! Although sometimes Sadie the wonder dog would run around us, rather than through the flashy pink hoop!

I asked littlest neighbor if she would like me to make her a cape with Disney princess fabric like her bike and she was so excited. The four of us, the three girls and the wonder dog, all trouped upstairs to the sewing room, and proceeded to pick out the fabric for her cape. She natually was drawn to and selected the purple princess fabric, and also a pink flannel with polar bears.

Once I got started on the project I realized that you really can't fly with flannel! So I went with the pink flowers and had to add a lacy trim on the bottom! A simple velcro fastener and it's done. What fairy princess can be without a reversible pink, purple and lace cape?? I hope she loves it - I know I want one too! Can't wait to give it to her tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.

Thanks for listening, Leslie J

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