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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Buttons, Buttons, Everywhere - What's a girl to do??

My button collection and been strewn all over my sewing room in various containers. Some are stored in an old vintage glass holder with jelly jars holding them in some semblance of color coordination. Some have been stored in a huge Campball Soup Cracker jar. Some have been stored in a square stout vase, and another pile in a plastic food storage container. All over the place, moved about everytime I wanted to find something in this organized mess of a room.

Today while visiting Hobby Lobby, I chanced upon a blue plastic box with 16 drawers and a light bulb went off in my head. Ok, ok, a very dim spark went off and there really wasn't much light. Anyhoo, I brought it home to house all the buttons and be my new button box.

This was a task that I was looking forward to, however, after two hours of sorting there's only one empty drawer and a whole pile of left over buttons. It looks like I may need another one of these wonderful set of drawers. Hopefully I can get better at taking photos too!!

Thanks for listening, Leslie

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